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cherrydaleproductions > Shoujo Grand Summoning > Chapter 1021: Before that, we need to have a little cha
Chapter 1021: Before that, we need to have a little cha

"Someone's trying to kill someone!"

"A cultivator fight!"


The pedestrians around them started scampering away with pale faces.

A fight between cultivators, even one of the lowest tier is dangerous to non-cultivators.

If the non-cultivators got dragged into this fight, they would be happy to walk away with just a few months of bed rest.

When cultivators fight, non-cultivators die. There are casualties every day in Silvaria. When the practitioners are fighting, anyone unlucky enough to encounter is basically guaranteed a trip to the hospital.

The non-cultivators ran for the closest exit. The ones who got blown away wished their parents had given birth to them with multiple legs, they wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. Soon, no one is in sight.

Only the initiated ones are left at the scene, including the two culprits who started this.

Wu Yan started frowning. He coldly asked the masked woman a question.

"Although I don't know why you attacked me, I hope you at least factored in the presence of civilians when you attacked me?"

Civilians are like ants to cultivators. Except for villains and jerks, most cultivators took care not to involve non-cultivators in their brawls.

This wasn't an act of kindness. It's just not good PR to hurt innocent bystanders. Nobody likes a bully, no?

Most cultivators know this so they picked proper venues for fights. They didn't want to bring innocent civilians into their fights.

Granted, there are villains who ignore this tacit rule.

The masked girl flinched. She was apologetic for a second before her hatred resumed control.

She replied with her light tone.

"I didn't hurt anyone. If I don't vent this frustration then this royal Princes-, I will not go home satisfied!"


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

"Did I wrong you in the past?"

The girl didn't answer. She asked him a question.

"Are you Wu Yan?!"

"That's my name..."

"Then, you're it!"

The girl started channeling magic power. She didn't give Wu Yan a chance to explain or ask questions.

"I am going to smack you to death!"

She sounded like a brat who is throwing a tantrum. Wu Yan wasn't angry, he just felt puzzled and shocked.

"Wait! There must be a misunderstanding here! I never wronged any girl!"

The girl started chanting while Wu Yan tried to stop her. Soon, a blooming lotus tornado shrouded her from view.


Wu Yan wanted to say something but the tornado was aimed at him like a spear. Next, she threw the tornado at him.


Wu Yan cursed. He knows something is up so he didn't use his real abilities. Moreover, he's not a fan of squabbling with a brat.

He looked bitter but he dashed towards the tornado anyway. Then, with a whip of his leg, he kicked the Tornado.


No magic power, no ESP, just pure power. He kicked the tornado into the sky

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