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Chapter 459: Redeeming Her Reward In Advance


As light returned to her eyes, Song Yaoyao’s cheeks burned red as she held onto the man’s sleeves.

“I shall allow you to redeem your reward in advance.”

Huo Yunque put on his coat and helped the girl off the ground. With a chuckle, he whispered something beside her ear.


Song Yaoyao didn’t know where to look. Her eyes darted but all she saw was a vast sea of white.

Unable to endure anymore, she lifted her head and looked at the man’s face.

From her angle, she could see the man’s partially exposed Adam’s Apple, peering out from the collar of his sweater. His exquisite jawline was like God’s most meticulous creation.

Wearing his black coat, he pulled Song Yaoyao toward the snowman.

Song Yaoyao stumbled a little. From the moment that the man appeared, her eyes could only focus on him.

The man had a cold and restrained temperament; he could almost blend in with the snow.

But Song Yaoyao understood that when other emotions appeared on his face, that was truly the most dangerous time.

Song Yaoyao began to wonder if her obsession with the man was due to the fact that she had never seen another man apart from her brother and her father in her past life.

Or perhaps…

Was she addicted to intimacy? Every time Huo Yunque appeared near her, she would feel the urge to kiss him and hug him.

This was bad.

While she was thinking all sorts of ridiculousness a hand covered her eyes. At the same time, she was lifted off the ground.

“I’m curious what’s running through that mind of yours. You can’t even walk straight. Song Yaoyao, are you a child who has just learned how to walk?”

Song Yaoyao pouted her lips and wrapped her arms around Huo Yunque’s neck.

Her clothes were so thick that she could barely move.

“I’m not! I’m an adult!”

There were many things that she could do now.

At least, that’s what the books said!

Huo Yunque paused and looked at Song Yaoyao with amusement.

Lowering his voice, he asked, “Song Yaoyao, are you getting any ideas?”

“Ahem! I…”

Song Yaoyao didn’t expect to be exposed so quickly. Her gaze darted, unable to look Huo Yunque in the eyes.

Her body stiffened as she refuted softly, “I’m not! I’m a child who doesn’t know anything!”

However, she wasn’t very convincing when she said this.


Huo Yunque’s amusement increased. “Fine, let me admire Little Song Yaoyao’s creation. Hm…”

Earlier on, all he saw was a blob of white from afar. Now that he was up close, he finally discovered how ‘amazing’ it was.

He raised his eyebrows and looked into Song Yaoyao’s eyes. “Is this meant to be me?”

“Well…it’s my first time! You need to go easy on me~” Song Yaoyao pouted and stretched out her hand. “Look, my hands are red from the cold because of this snowman~”

“Not bad. It’s very realistic. You managed to make it look like me when I’m dead.”


Song Yao

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