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Chapter 494: My Surname Is Shu

“If my hunch is correct, the person who killed the young master and Chu Gou was Lin Jin,” said Black Envoy.

Both Zhou Weng and Elder Ye were stunned by his statement.

“Isn’t Lin Jin in Jade Dragon Kingdom? Hall Master Chu gathered us for the sake of killing him after all,” Zhou Weng responded.

“Lin Jin has already arrived here at Heavenly Spiral City a few days ago but clearly you guys were oblivious to that. I am unsure how, but he ended up taking notice of Chu Gou and the young master. These two were finished off before you lot could even take action.”

Black Envoy sounded irked.

Zhou Weng and Elder Ye knew it was time for them to declare their stance.

Both men bowed at once. “Master Black Envoy, both of us set off and finish Lin Jin off to avenge Hall Master Chu.”

However, Black Envoy waved his hand dismissively. “You won’t be able to kill him. That Lin Jin is no weakling. Chu Gou aside, the young master is highly skilled in martial arts but even his master, Shi Yuandao, was killed in the attack. You must know that even I find it difficult to eliminate Shi Yuandao, so if Lin Jin can deal with them both at once, he must have a weapon that we do not know about.”

Zhou Weng and Elder Ye gasped at this.

They knew who Shi Yuandao was.

The man was a renowned villainous expert. Relying on his martial arts alone, he was still within the top ten of his community. In a head-on conflict, even Zhou Weng and Elder Ye knew they wouldn’t be able to take Shi Yuandao down.

Yet, this battle saint died too?

Clearly, this Lin Jin was much more powerful than they imagined. With this, Zhou Weng and Elder Ye remained silent. This situation had truly exceeded their expectations.

“Both of you need not concern yourselves with Lin Jin anymore. Leave him to me,” Black Envoy said. Hearing this, the two men started doing what they did best – licking his boot.

“With Master Black Envoy in action, Lin Jin will surely die! The likes of him can’t possibly match up to you.”

Black Envoy scoffed at their response. “Save the flattery. I need only useful people and not bootlickers. If both of you can’t do your jobs well, there’s no reason for me to keep you around.”

Their faces turned pale as a sheet.

“I just happen to have one task for the both of you. It is just as important and tolerates no failure.” Black Envoy approached them and leaned into their ears.

“I want you two to depart at once to Great Deer Kingdom…”

Zhou Weng and Elder Ye’s expression faltered as they listened to Black Envoy’s instructions. Then, they bowed. “Rest assured, Master Black Envoy. We will handle it well.”

“Remember, there is no room for mistake. Should there be even a slight blunder, both of you will pay with your lives.” Black Envoy’s words were laced with heavy murderous intent. The two men acknowledged his warning before setting out into the night, rushing toward Great Deer Kingdom.


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