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Cherrydale Productions Ltd. is a Toronto based independent production company that specializes in literary inspired webseries with a focus on strong female leads, diverse representation and meaningful audience engagement. 

The Team 


Sarah Shelson

Sarah Shelson is a screenwriter, producer and audience engager. She has a strong interest in the digital sphere and in transmedia properties that feature narratives and themes not found in mainstream media.

When not creating, she is kept busy assisting the residents of the Transmedia Zone as well as coordinating Ryerson University's Global Campus Network project.


Lauren Evans

Lauren has had a passion for all things Film and Television for as long as she can remember; and being able to create and share engaging stories with the Cherrydale team has been a dream come true.

Since moving to Toronto she has had the opportunity to work in various aspects of the media industry from production through to distribution & marketing. Her experience includes coordinating and managing for various productions and companies as well as many years of being on set. 

She is most proud of her work as a producer with Cherrydale Productions & looks forward to many more projects to come!


Wil Noack

Wil is a firm believer in transmedia-based storytelling, which is what fuels his passion for being a part of the web series community.

Since 2011, Wil has worked as a freelance media professional on productions including Total Recall, TIFF, behind-the-scenes on SyFy's 12 Monkeys, and more. Most recently, Wil has been working on FreeForm's & Netflix's ShadowHunters as EPK Assistant Producer & Social Media Content Producer. 

For Wil, nothing beats being the Post-Production Supervisor & Editor for Cherrydale Productions. Great casts and crews and a wonderfully receptive audience makes every second editing just that much more rewarding. 

Our Shows


The March
Family Letters


Ever since its publication, readers have fallen in love with the hilarious and heart-warming story of the March family. Featuring relatable conflicts and strong female characters, the tale of four sisters growing up under the guidance of their mother resonates as much today as it did nearly 150 years ago. With The March Family Letters, viewers will finally be able to interact with these beloved characters on a new and exciting level.

The March Family Letters has over 1 Million views and iS
THE WINNER OF the "BESt ENSEMBLE CAST"Award for the 2016 Hollyweb Festival
and an official Selection for the 2016 T.O. Webfest

Produced in association with The Transmedia Zone at Ryerson University & The Independent Production Fund.


All For One


All For One follows brash college freshman Dorothy Castlemore on her quest for love, new friends and the sorority of her dreams. The audience views the series through the eyes of one of Dorothy’s many online friends and watches as she quickly finds herself in way over her head when she dares to take on the corrupt student government.

With a focus on inclusive and diverse representation, strong female leads, and meaningful audience engagement, All For One is a modern retelling of Alexander Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. Along with fully integrated transmedia storytelling, All For One featured a narrative 20-minute interactive live episode where the audience became part of the story and world in real time.

Production services provided for Corus Entertainment with the participation of the Bell Fund & the Transmedia Zone.

 NOMINEE FOR NExtMedia's 2016 DIGI AWARDS in "Digital Series Fiction" 



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